Integrated Marketing Communication: what is it and what can it do for YOUR business?

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Integrated marketing communication is a powerful tool, but at its core, the concept is remarkably simple.  

So, what is it? 

Integrated marketing communication, or IMC for short, seeks to link things together: content, messages, strategy, communication, and more – all significant parts that make up the brand of your business. But instead of treating them as separate entities, the power of IMC stems from the belief that they all become even more powerful and effective when carefully coordinated together to enhance and complement each other.  

IMC accomplishes this with the added usage of classic and new public relations techniques, such as advertising, marketing, social and digital media, publicity, market analysis, and strategic branding, in a variety of creative ways, often in an effort to strike a delicate balance between promotional and marketing elements.  

IMC also holds consumers or customers in high esteem, with a lot of its strategies placing high importance on business’ building relationships with them, as seen with the IMC topic of relationship marketing, which seeks to sustain an individualistic long term, mutually satisfactory relationship between organization and consumer, especially within an increasingly fragmented market. All of this leads to a unified business theme, or a brand, and if a consumer can recognize that brand, it can lead to increased loyalty to the business.  

So, what are the advantages of using IMC in your business? 

Well, in an ever-increasing fragmented market, in an age of digital and social media, and with so many tools out there for business’ to potentially use – all with their own benefits and costs – it may seem like trying to pick the best one is like trying to find a needle in a hack stack, or the way out of a corn maze. That’s where IMC comes in. 

The power IMC gives to a business is its ability to form an integrated, all-inclusive promotional and marketing game plan, taking all the best parts of each and coordinating them in whatever strategic way works best for the business. 

The importance of IMC is also reflected within the relationship between business and customer, because creating and keeping customers rather than working to keep generating new ones is popularized for its cost efficiency and effectiveness, and IMC, with its many elements, can help a business determine how to relationship market in order to produce the best all-around experience.  

Reach out to us at to learn more about IMC and what Electriflight can do for your business! 

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