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Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” 

Every dream once started out as an idea, which started out as a thought, and so on. The point is, big things can grow from small seeds, but believe us when we say that we know that sometimes the journey from small to big can be an uncertain one. 

So, we have a message for our potential clients, those starting their own businesses or trying to continue to grow them: we’re in the same boat as you. 

The Electriflight team is made up of three women in their 20s, foraying into the business world and hoping that their confidence in their knowledge and passion will keep them afloat. Does that sound familiar? Do you maybe recognize some of your own ambition in us? 

Well, that’s why we think we’re some of the best people to help. Electriflight’s goal is to provide small to medium sized growing business the public relations aid they need to get off the ground; let our knowledge and passion for our business complement your knowledge and passion for your own.  

Because we see your passion, we see your courage, your self-starter attitude, and we think you deserve nothing less but for us to match it.  

So, we have another message for our potential clients: keep going.  

From thought to idea to dream, never give up hope to make these things a reality, and Electriflight will be there to support to every step along the way. And we’re happy to make you a part of our journey, too! 

If you have a business you would like to see succeed, contact us at hello@electriflightpr.com, or fill out the consultation form in the “Services” tab.

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