Why does your company need PR?

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We live in a social media focused generation where the words “PR” are often attributed to beauty companies giving away free products to the Instagram and YouTube communities . What does PR actually do, though?

PR is an acronym for “public relations”. This form of reputation management focuses on strengthening the bond between a company and its customers. Most companies focus on communications efforts like marketing, advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when promoting their businesses, but all of this means nothing without valuable relationships with consumers.

Wait, so this is more than free products?

Definitely. Public relations is crucial for businesses to thrive. Through establishing valuable, strong relationships with consumers your business will thrive. Why is this? The power of social media. One share, comment, post, or like helps reach a new audience of individuals that ultimately could turn into customers. 

What can we do for you?

Electriflight offers many valuable services that will help strengthen your brand. Through crafting public relations plans, and other media efforts tailored specifically for your business our team guarentees a spike in sales, revenue and overall brand awareness.

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